Lookbooks: Tips to Convert Them into Sales

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Lookbooks are very effective tools to increase sales especially for retail, fashion & apparel products.

If you can reach the crowd with your lookbooks, little changes will make big impacts on sales. In this post, we will share some tips to help convert your lookbooks into sales by excluding product & brand related factors such as product quality, brand awareness etc…

Clarify the Goals of Your Lookbooks

clarifyYour budget is limited and there is no way to succeed without smart goals. So, the first step should be to clarify the goals. Do you need to attract the attention to your brand? Do you want to sell your excess stock? Do you want to announce your new campaign or collection? Lookbooks optimized around your goals will convert higher.

Your goals should also support your omni-channel strategy. You can also read this post about building your omni-channel strategy by using the right solutions.

After setting your goals, you should create a portfolio. Products that will be included in lookbooks should be carefully selected focused on reaching your goals.

Use Cross-Sell Opportunities of Lookbooks

cross-sell lookbooks

If the products are selected, then it’s time to evaluate cross-sell opportunities and some complementary products can be added in this step. For example, if you promote a shirt, offer a tie and a watch that may be complementary to the main product. Don’t trust your insights, trust in data! If you have online sales and recommendation system, check the recommendations for each product. This will also help you to increase sales coming from your lookbooks.

Stunning Lookbook Design


Design focused on your audience is vital for lookbooks especially in retail & fashion industries. The design style and the implicit message should be aligned with your omni-channel strategy. Reserving enough budget for a good design will much probably worth it. You can explore Pinterest for nice lookbook designs that may come with useful insights.

  • Less font, more quality images.
  • Style and fonts should be aligned with your omni-channel stategy and corporational identity.
  • High quality paper and printing.

Make Your Lookbook Products Findable

Your lookbooks should trigger the audience to buy whenever they like the products. You should always include your online sales web address as much as possible.

First way to make your products findable is inserting product codes so that your customers can search the products within your website. The cons of this option are; increasing fonts, distracting attention, possibility to effect the design negatively. But easing the sales by making the products findable may cover the cons.

lookbooks product codes

Second way to make your products findable is inserting QR codes so that your customers can reach your product landing pages with qr reader apps. This option makes product search even more easy but comes with some disadvantages such as extra workload to generate and insert QR codes for each product and effecting the design negatively. Too much QR codes will not look good in your lookbooks. Imagine that you are promoting 10 products in one page, inserting 10 QR codes will not be practical.

lookbooks qr codes

The third way to make your products findable is the most practical, easy and promising option: “Snap and Buy”. Using Image Recognition Technology, you can make your lookbooks recognizable by mobile apps. SnapBuy, is a mobile app for making the products in your lookbooks recognizable. You download the app, snap the page and instantly find the products from online sales landing pages. If your company don’t have a mobile app, you can use ready to go SnapBuy App published in the app markets. If you have a mobile app, you can integrate SnapBuy to your mobile app by using SnapBuy API easily. By this way, your customers can snap the page and find the products with your mobile application.

lookbooks snapbuy

But how does SnapBuy work? So simple; you just subscribe to SnapBuy, upload your lookbooks as pdf format and send the links of your products with an Excel file. Within few hours, your lookbook will be ready to be recognized by mobile app. You can promote this feature in your lookbooks and increase your sales by creating a magical way to buy your products. You can find an example video below:

Digitalize Your Lookbooks

You should also provide digital versions of the lookbooks in addition to print version to reach more audience. People can view and share your lookbooks from their smartphones and tablets as pdf or presentation formats. You can add your lookbook to digital marketplaces. Issuu is a great platform for digitalizing and distributing your lookbooks.



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