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Flyer Design That Sells

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Flyer Design

Flyers are effective and simple tools for sales & marketing. You can design a flyer to announce an event, trigger to sell a product, emphasize your brand or informing people about something. Designing a flyer is extremely easy and low-cost so it deserves attention as an advertising alternative.

You can design a flyer with professional graphic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. If you are a graphic designer, you can skip this paragraph. But if you are not a graphic designer or don’t have a software license, there are still good news for you. There are online softwares that you can use as a flyer creator. Canva is a great alternative to design advertising flyers and free version can be enough for most cases.

If you design a flyer focused on selling, you should pay attention to few points. These few simple steps have potential to accelarate your sales with very low cost. So lets discuss on some tips for flyer design with a sales perspective.

Eye Catching Flyer Design

Graphical design is as important as content. Be aware from too much text, balance the flyer with images. You should use a visually appealing design with your brand identity.

Make it easily readable by using bullets, indentations, bold-italic words, short sentences, 1 or max. 2 fonts. Infographics are nice tools if you need to insert some statistics.

Emphasize Your Message

Flyer design should contain your marketing message. Be concise and clear. Is your product cheap or has good quality? Do you have a very special discount? What is the benefit people can get from your event? Dont try to use fancy and long sentences, just deliver your message effectively. You can also follow this post for more design tips.

Use a Catchy Headline


Most people will decide to read your flyer if they can see an interesting message at first sight. Headlines are perfect to draw attention. You can focus on the benefit such as “Get %50 discount special for today”, or you can focus on differentiating such as “The most amazing book you can ever read”. A little humor or anagram may also help you to find a catchy headline.

Call To Action


Try to drive potential customers towards your goal. Call to Action sentences should be included for increasing conversion. Some good Call to Action sentences can be “Visit our website now”, “Buy today with 50% discount” or “Snap to buy this product instantly”. You can find the last CTA interesting and it may be a new concept for you. Skip to next section to learn more about this and triggering customers to buy instantly.

Snap the Flyer, Buy the Product!


Do you know that, you can provide instant purchasing to your customers by just snapping the flyer?

SnapBuy App is a mobile app lets you snap and buy a product. You can subscribe to and upload your flyers as pdf. Then your flyers can be recognized by SnapBuy App that can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can also integrate to your app if you already have one by using SnapBuy API. You can include a little information in your flyer such as “Snap and buy this product with SnapBuy App”. You will see that you can use this image recognition feature in every flyer designs or print advertisements and increase your sales with an innovative way. Follow this link for more information about SnapBuy. You can also find a sample video of SnapBuy App below.

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